How to Play

The Basics

Your Fantasy BTCC team will begin with a budget of 10.00 which can be used to 'Buy' drivers to represent your team. You can select up to 6 drivers, so long as your budget allows. Driver 'prices' are a fictitious price assigned for the purpose of this competition.

You are able to change your drivers as often as you like throughout the year, although all selections are frozen once we reach the 'cut-off' for each race meeting. Once the scores are updated at the end of the weekend you will be able to change your driver line-up for the next event. There is no limit to the number of changes you can make throughout the year.

Driver Prices

After each race meeting has been completed, and all points have been updated for the competition, the drivers values will be measured against their expected scores in this competition. Driver values will be adjusted (up or down) in line with their scores for that event. For details on how that adjustment is calculated, see the Driver Values Explained page. Any driver changes made after this adjustment will be done at the new price.

Where a drivers value increases, it will also increase the budget for all teams who had that driver in their line-up at the time the change was made. Therefore if one of your drivers value changes from 1.0 to 1.1, your team budget will increase from 10.0 to 10.1. If you choose to transfer this driver out of your team after the increase in value, you will still be able to spend up to 10.1 on your drivers. (the value of teams can go down as well as up!!!)


All selected drivers will score points for your team based on their performance in each race meeting, as set out on the How to Score page.


The 'cut-off' for any changes to your team is the start of the official qualifying session, typically the Saturday afternoon before race day. After this time any driver selections will be prohibited until after the completion of the weekends racing.

Entry Limit

Each player is entitled to 1 free entry into this competition. Players wishing to submit more than 1 entry should consider making a donation to my running costs, which will result in an account upgrade. Upgraded accounts can submit up to 5 entries in this competition.

Race Results

All results will be taken from the Any subsequent amendments to these results will lead to the competition scores being re-calculated, but only where amendments to the results are known and published ahead of the following cut-off. Any amendments that occur after this period will be disregarded. Any amendments after the final meeting of the season will only be recognised if full details are published within 1 week of the completion of the racing. In all instances, where a result is amended after the original competition update, drivers values will be corrected, as will teams budgets. If a corrected result leads to a team overspending on their drivers they will not be forced to repay but the overspend will be collected when the next driver transfer occurs.


If your selected driver does not compete you WILL NOT score points awarded to any replacement driver. It is your responsibility to change your drivers, when permitted, ahead of the cut-off if your driver is not taking part in the event. If your driver moves to another team in the championship during the season you will continue to score points for that driver with their new team. No driver prices will be adjusted outside of the performance related adjustments made based on race results.


All times stated on this website are GMT (unless otherwise stated). Any validations based on time will be determined by the SERVER timestamp that this competition is running on. Although the time is frequently checked, it is up to you to ensure your entry and/or changes are submitted in good time before the qualifying cutoff. You are also able to adjust the displayed time in the Account area if you are in a different time zone.

League Tables

The league positions are determined by the number of points scored by each team. Where points are tied, positions will also be tied. There are no prizes for this competition so if the final results lead to a tie, you'll just have to share the step of the virtual podium.