Account Types

There are 2 types of account available. You currently have a Not logged In account.

Regular Account

A regular account permits a player to a single entry in the competition. A regular account holder is able to compete on equal terms with any other entrant as there are no variations in the rules or scoring.

VIP Account

A VIP account is the same as the regular account, but also offers;

  • No advertisements - guaranteed!
  • "Hide my Drivers" - you can stop folk from snooping on your Drivers if you want to keep things under wraps.
  • Up to 5 teams/entries in this competition.
  • Choose your own colour scheme for the website.
  • Exclusive invitations to leagues with (modest) prizes.
  • My gratitude, for helping to keep this website advertisement free for everybody. (ads may appear for Regular Account holders but only if absolutely necessary).
  • You can get yourself upgraded to a VIP account by making a donation.

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