What's New (for 2023)

Entry Limit!

In order to keep control of costs, the competition entry limit has been set to 500 Independent account holders per year. Each time I receive a donation from a player the entry limit is increased by 1 for each £1 donated, although the donor will automatically qualify for up to 5 teams annually for the duration of the upgrade.

If the entry limit is reached you have 2 options. Either make a donation or wait until somebody else does. The number of entries available is displayed on the competition homepage.

This is not about making money, but trying to secure the future of Fantasy BTCC by making it pay for itself. If the annual fundraising target of £500 is reached then restrictions will be lifted for all players.

Viewing other teams drivers

Only Manufacturer account holders will be able to see scores and other teams drivers during an event, once qualifying is underway and driver selections are frozen. Independent account holders will be able to view these details only when the final results are in on completion of each race weekend.

What's New (for 2022)

Quite a lot of work has been done on the site ahead of the 2022 season, but the competition format remains unchanged.

Most importantly (for me) the database that sits behind it has been completely redesigned to improve performance, (hopefully) reduce costs, and provide more detailed stats than ever before. With that in mind, if anything looks strange please let me know ASAP and I'll get it fixed.

Scoring Change!

A minor change has been made to the scoring. Drivers will only qualify for points on their final race position and positions gained if they are classified as finishing the race, as published on Drivers will still qualify for points for laps completed regardless.

One-Click Driver Transfers

A confirmation screen was added a few years ago when removing a driver from your team. This was because a few folk accidentally removed drivers from their team without realising until it was too late. If you're a little less 'fat fingered' and would like to speed up the transfer process, you can turn off 'Transfer Confirmations' in your My Account settings.

Follow Certain Teams

Many of you like to track certain teams. Whether that's a rival in the Legend's league, or just somebody you have to beat. You can now add teams to your Followed Teams list and display all of those entries on a single page. Click on the [heart] symbol on the league table, then you can view your chosen teams in a single table, called 'Following' in the Leagues menu.

Followed Teams - see all drivers at once!

If you choose to follow certain teams, you can now see their selected drivers all at once on the Follow league table. You can still only see drivers for Rounds that have passed their cut-off though - so no snooping!

More Results!

The driver stats pages have been reworked and now you can see how many Fantasy BTCC points drivers have earnt since the beginning of 2004. You can drill down to see detailed Race Scores, or even Career Scores! (some people may be interested in that - I thought it was fun to do). All this information is available under the 'Driver Stats' menu.

Unfortunately detailed Fantasy BTCC competition scores are unavailable to view prior to 2021 due to compatibility issues, although final scores and positions since 2015 are available for the Legends League calculations.

How unique is your team?

You can now see how many other entries currently have the same driver line-up as you. You can see this on your 'My Drivers' page in the heading for your selected drivers.

League Table changes

The league tables now contain information specific to the latest round. You can also click on the buttons on the top of the screen to see the league standings as at completion of each individual round.

Historical Stuff

All league tables from 2021 onwards are available to view in the 'Archives' menu. So, for example, if you were leading the overall standings after Silverstone 2021 you can now go and look at the league standings after that event and have a little smile to yourself.